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This will be the Core class to any Pistol Training you take in the future. It doesn't matter if you have shot for 20+ years, or if you are brand new to firearms. This is your first step in the right direction if you carry a gun daily for protection. 

Course Introduction:

This class  is for Women only and we will focus on pistol safety and proper shooting fundamentals. We cover stance, proper grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, recoil control, loading and unloading to begin shooting with confidence. 


This course has classroom instruction and live fire on the range.


  •  Safety briefing

  •  Nomenclature of a pistol

  •  Safety laws

  •  Fundamentals • 7

  •  DryFire technique

  •  Live Fire 

  •  Field strip and clean/ lube the pistol

  •  Evaluate further goals


Please bring the type of holster you will wear either Outside the waist style (paddle/belt) or Inside the waist style (clip/friction).

Holsters NOT allowed in this course are Shoulder style rigs.


You will receive a certificate upon completion of this course.


Course Length:

4 hours

Cost: $85.00 per shooter
Full Payment is required when you register for this course. All students must be registered 48 hours before this course begins. (If you cancel within 72 hours of the class, 50% is non refundable).


What to bring:

  • Water (something to hydrate)

  • Eye protection & Ear protection

  • Semi-Auto Pistol or Revolver

  • Holster (not required)

  • Sturdy Belt

  • 1 Magazines ( more is better)

  • 50+ rounds of ammo

 This is an indoor range so this course will take place rain or shine. Be sure to wear clothing you feel comfortable being on the range floor. 


We cover some Georgia Carry laws, but it is your duty to study current laws. We are NOT attorney’s and do not give you legal advise.

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