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Firearm Instruction


Shaun Bagby

Welcome to Firearm Instruction and Response Education. 

I started this profession in 2016 with one goal in mind, to teach as many civilians as possible the essential fundamental skills needed to use handguns effectively and efficiently. With the world ever changing and constantly presenting random acts of violence, I wanted to help make a positive change. Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools, and training the mind is the key.

We take pride in knowing that our students are getting the best firearms training possible. Whether you are just beginning your training or you are already familiar with guns and want to expand your skill set. We offer a variety of training from beginners to advanced to help you accomplish your goals. With smaller classes, it also allows us to personalize the training to better fit your needs, using realistic scenarios thus allowing you to progress faster.


I currently reside in the rural area of NW Georgia, and constantly hear how "dad or pawpaw" taught my students how to shoot a gun. While most students have the "basic" idea of shooting, once they learn the fundamentals they have a drastic improvement. Teaching is a passion of mine and teaching people to defend themselves or loved ones is even more enjoyable. I currently hold 3 Certificates from the NRA and am fully Insured. 


As I come from a Law Enforcement household, I know help is always minutes away when seconds count....         

Shaun Bagby  Owner/Instructor






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Pistol Classes
Pistol Classes

We are excited to offer a variety of classes including The 

Fundamentals, Conceal Carry,

Defensive pistol 1 & 2, and 

Women's Only.  We pay attention to our students, so during our classes

 we will adjust the curriculum to tailor to their skillset during our courses.

Firearm Group Classes
Family, Business, &    Group Sessions

Contact us today to schedule a custom class for your family, friends,  groups or a company outing. 

Private Firearm Lessons
Private Lessons

We are constantly offering private lessons all through the week. This is a better option for some as it is planned around their schedule. We understand that work comes first, so being flexible with out Private lessons tends to work better for some.

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